What is a Water Spiral?

It is a sculptural garden sprinkler hand crafted in Tasmania.

Turn on the tap; the Spiral a gentle rain will form into a beautiful pattern.

Turn off the tap; the Spiral stands as a sculptural feature in your garden.

How are Water Spirals made?

Each Water Spiral is made of solid copper tubing, with brass fittings and a steel ground spike. Simple yet strong, it is carefully built and tested by the Tasmanian craftsmen who make it.

How do I assemble a Water Spiral?

A Water Spiral fits together simply. You will require a universal tap adaptor to click into an ordinary garden hose, to operate at the turn of a tap. Your Water Spiral can be moved around your garden, though you may prefer to have it in a fixed position. With each purchase we include practical advice about the best way to assemble, use, and store your Water Spiral.

How do I use my Water Spiral?

After you turn on the tap, you can alter the patterns of a Spiral spray simply by adjusting the water pressure. Depending on the model, and your water pressure, Spirals can have varied spray patterns. In common however, they all make water look beautiful.

How do I buy a Water Spiral?

You can order online here, via telephone +61 407 204 804 or email belinda@waterspirals.com,

see our Contact Page. We would be glad to answer any other queries you may have.


All (Water Spiral prices) https://www.waterspirals.com/shop are shown in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Lead times?

Water Spirals are entirely made by hand. Though some stock may be available to send at the time of your order, there are times your requested design will need to be custom made.

Arrival times will vary by destination. Please contact us for more details. https://www.waterspirals.com/contact


We ship worldwide. Shipping prices vary by design, quantity and final destination.

In general, postage should take approximately 3-10 business days. We do not guarantee arrival times on shipments.

Damage during shipping?

All care is taken to ensure Water Spirals arrive safe and sound. They are packed very carefully, but on the very odd occasion damagemay occur during transit.

Australian customers: If your order is delivered and has been damaged in transit, please take a photo of the damage, including packaging, and email to us for our records. It is an Australian Post requirement that you take the parcel to your local Post Office to lodge a request for compensation. Compensation may be paid and this is entirely at the discretion of Australia Post.