Care Instructions


Correct Assembly

With the right care you will have many years of pleasure from your Water Spiral. These notes are designed to help you through the simple steps of setting up the Spiral so that it functions correctly, and accidental damage is avoided.

When you receive the Spiral you will notice that its head fits simply into a brass spindle on the long copper stem. This is attached to a steel footplate and ground spike. A universal tap adaptor screws onto the steel footplate and will attach to a 12mm hose (not included).

Putting the Spiral together is that simple.

Although Water Spirals are robust products, copper is a soft metal and the brass spindle and bush are carefully calibrated to spin the head. We recommend you set your Water Spiral up in situ following this process to avoid bending or damaging the fittings.

  1. Consider a reasonably permanent location for your Spiral. Decide whether you might like to concrete it in place, although this is not necessary. Otherwise, the location should ideally be soft ground in a garden bed. If the ground is harder, for example in a lawn, then cut open a slice of grass with a spade.

  2. You will require a Universal Tap Adaptor (not included), which is used to securely connect your Spiral to a 12mm garden hose.

  3. The black steel footplate can be used to push the Spiral into the ground with your foot. Do not use the copper stem for leverage. Leave the head off until the stem and spike arefirmly in position.

  4. Once the stem and spike are in place, attach a hose and then slide the head on. Adjust the tap carefully, and note the wonderful patterns you can create by altering the pressure. If you have strong mains pressure, you may need very little flow through the hose. Full pressure is not necessarily best. If you have low pressure, consider removing impediments such as tap timers or joiners, or use a thicker hose. A large Spiral will water an area of 6-8 metres diameter. Optimum pressure is around 30 psi/210 kpa.

  5. If you move your Spiral around the garden, or if you want to put it away, do not use the head or stem for leverage. Remove the head. If the spike is hard to lift, loosen it with a spade. Otherwise hold the stem with both hands and pull it straight up.

  6. Alternatively, if you like to move your Spiral regularly, we strongly encourage you to purchase additional stems to avoid damaging your Spiral.


If the head fails to spin:

  • check to see that the stem is exactly upright

  • check your water pressure and tap fittings

  • ensure the head’s spray holes are clear, by hand rinsing

  • try lubricating the spindle with a water repellent lubricant, e.g RP7, or brush gently with a dishwashing scourer. Avoid greasy lubricants.

  • check to see whether the metal has bent. If the stem is bent, lie it on a stable bench or flat cement, hold the base down with one hand, gently press on the stem with the other to straighten.